Ethics Essay – Against the Grain

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Author’s Name: Course: Instructor: 7th November 2016 Ethical Dimensions And Decisions In Professional Duty Case Summary “Against the Grain: Jim Teague in Tanzania.” In the contemporary world of today, ethics has been a subject that has captured the actual professional action of organizations to find the appropriate mechanism to handle decisions in a firm (Elsevier 38). It is the responsibility for the manager to ensure that the organization’s action plans are professionally accepted depending on the situations that arise in within the company (Snyder 458). Considering the case of Jim Teague in Tanzania, “Against the Grain,” who is an intern at Agri-fund describes the ethical dilemma when he violates the health code just days before the payment due (2016). Jim Teague endangers the lives of the people in agro-processing by encouraging the unprofessional aspect which in turn places an adverse risk to his employer. Under his service point of business and financial manager, he is responsible for providing loans to hundreds of farmers related to agro-processor in the impoverish regions of Tanzania. Therefore, the case presents an ethical dilemma on either to offering the loans to the farmers or stop providing the financial services due to unhealthy practices affecting the people. The basis of this case is the motivational impact of Jim Teague in the society is creating values to the people and restoring social responsibility to the community. One of his firms’ major clients, Kira Flour applies for a loan, however; he notes that the company has some unethical practices. At this point, Jim notes that Kira flour an agro-processing company has been

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