Ethics and Economic Good on Wage Increment

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The contemporary world has a shift in the economic and political factors in which nations strive to create satisfaction to its citizens. The world economic index changes due to the growing demographic factors triggering the demand for goods and services. The greatest impact on the economic index is the wage index valuation in creating a just economy that accommodates the wealthy, and the have-nots (Lütge, Christoph, and Johanna 279). For decades the world economy changes require a shift in opportunities to the people to support life’s basic needs. The hard working people in the contemporary world get the least pay demoralizing their effort with time. Therefore, the shift in wages allows the people focus on the daily needs and settle on better living standards (Murphy, Robert, Charles and Hugh 17). It is vital to address the pay increment as the rate of development increases in the country to ensure that there is enough money circulation to eliminate poverty in the society. The economic policies of a country depend on the leadership and the justice prevailing to the people. The care for better living standards requires the ethical, moral economics on addressing the societal issues. It introduces the concept of deontological ethics which bases its argument on the obligation of the government form by the people. Kant’s theory binds the people with rules alongside the consequents of duty to perform (as qtd. in MacKinnon, Barbara, and Andrew 22). For instance, the relation between the state and the obligation of the individuals in service delivery require the ethical delivery and the proper reward appreciation. Therefore Kant addresses the duty delivery and the

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