Ethics and Decision-Making

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Ethics and Decision-Making Introduction Dilemmas are part of life, but their intriguing nature often leaves many people confused. In this paper, I will review the friendship between John - my new friend and a rational client who just recovered from a dangerous accident - and myself, a party to the hospital staff. Having learned and mastered how to use a specifically designed electric wheelchair, he asked me to help him with it when the hospital releases him. I thought John just wanted the equipment to continue his practices with it, but I still asked why he needed it. He confided in me and said that he wanted to go to the top roof and throw away the chair to the other side of the hospital because he was fed up leading the life he had. In this assignment, I will describe my step of action, justifying my position to whichever party I pick between the hospital and my patient/friend. Lastly, I will review what Kant Immanuel recommend in his work, and give my verdict on his provisions. The Decision Although I wanted to give John the wheelchair, I had to rethink that idea after his response. I thought he wanted it to continue training about how to use it, but it turned out that the equipment reminded him of the pain he experienced, so he felt that getting rid of the chair was the best way to let go of his torrid time at the hospital. In as much as denying John the chance to run the wheelchair off the other side of the hospital would appear as if I am betraying our friendship, I would do it. My belief is that the best way to decide the best thing to do requires an application of the ethical concepts – ethos, pathos, and logos. With the latter, I would give John the reasons

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