Ethics and Biodiversity

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Biodiversity, which is Biological Diversity, is, in a nutshell, the existence of a variety of biological organisms within an ecosystem (Balmford, 212). Environmental Ethics is a field that advocates for the conservation and management of biodiversity by human beings. It dictates that human beings are co-independent with other living organisms. As a result, any conduct by them would either benefit or destroy the biodiversity. Thus, human beings cannot exist independent of other organisms as they enjoy a myriad if benefits from the ecosystem and consequently in their enjoyment, should ensure that those other organisms are preserved and protected. The organisms range from plant to animals, micro to macro amongst others. In support of my argument, the main arguments that people have put forward in support of biodiversity preservation are two. To being with, human beings have an obligation to their future generations to leave the ecosystem in good condition and two; human beings owe it to themselves to preserve biodiversity. A properly functioning of the ecosystem allows human beings to reap the benefits such as clean air, water, and food. The plants have a huge role to play in the reduction of carbon dioxide and other noxious substances at a minimum. There has been no known another source of oxygen, at levels capable of being consumed by more than 4 billion people, other than plants. The destruction and depletion of such plants would have adverse effects on human beings, and may in effect lead to brain damage and death. Clean air and water are the basic elements that human beings seek to enjoy. The inability of human beings to produce clean air and water makes a good

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