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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Ethics The current world is seeking for solutions to its problems; this has increased research activities in clinical, biological, and medical fields. And many times, these research activities leave no room for ethical considerations, as human and animals rights are violated, and research ethics ignored. The humans in search of solutions justify their actions and the need for ethical persuasions and notions. Many companies today advocate for the notion that; ‘the end justifies the means,’ or the idea that sacrificing a few elements for the greater good of the planet is acceptable. Governments are giving certification to modification of natural plant and animal products, in the search for world solutions, such as genetic modified (GM) food products in the wake of global warming and increased human population. However, these technological advances took center stage at the expense of ethics in research. Yet, it is possible to conduct experiments while upholding standards in research and the set codes of conduct. The society, in general, should advocate for bioethics which draws the boundaries of what is considered ethical and what is not; for instance Crakes should not create the modified human beings, or animals with human mental capacities, these actions contravene with limits set for research work by society and all researchers should abide by during their research activities. In the emerging and advanced technological world, ethics in scientific research is an area that the society is interested in and voicing its concerns on the methods and procedures adopted by researchers. A lot of discussions and debates were triggered when

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