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Ethics There has been a lengthy debate on if the testing and experimenting of drugs on animals is ethical. The tests are conducted to determine the safety of medicines and other products. Those who argue in its favor opine that there is no way that drugs can be administered to human subjects as the effects would be catastrophic. Those who oppose such tests argue that the drugs affect the animals in a negative manner such as causing them immense pain, death and affects their lives for a long time. Ethics demarcates right from wrong. The most important thing to consider is what the benefits are and whether they outweigh the disadvantages. It is morally wrong to cause any species pain or unnecessary harm. However, looking at the bigger picture, if a drug can be used to save thousands or even millions of lives, then the perception changes and testing on a few subjected does not seem as bad. It is also unrealistic to carry out experiments on humans before animals can be tested. The effects that would be occasioned by such tests would even be more gruesome than testing on animals. Science is unforgiving and without the trials, no advancements would be made. New drugs would never be developed and the effects on humans would never be known. Further, the testing is not always as painful as some point it out to be. The animals are given anesthesia to minimize the pain they feel. The effectiveness of some of the drugs has not been proven, but this number is small compared to drugs that have been tested and worked. Once again, it breaks down to the figures. On the issue of whether or not animals can reason, Jeremy Bentham once remarked that it is not whether they can reason or talk

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