Ethical Systems

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Notes on Ethics Theories Exam 1 Deontological Ethics: based on the INTENT of an action Teleological Ethics: based on the consequences of an action Ethical Systems Who was the developer of the idea of Ethical Formalism? What are the four Main Tenets of “Ethical Formalism”? Immanuel Kant was the developer of Ethical Formalism. The four main tenets of Ethical Formalism are (Drylie, pp. 7) Actions should follow a universal law- ask yourself whether everyone would follow your actions. Humanity is not a means; it should be treated as an end- do not take advantage of people for your own benefit. Actions should resemble those of a lawmaking member of the universe- actions should be consistent and contribute to universal law. Decision making process should be guided by reason- whether the action is right or wrong. What are the four Basic Tenets of “Utilitarianism”? The Act? The Rule? The four main tenets of Utilitarianism are (Westacott, np): Happiness is of the most intrinsic value- actions are judged based on the value of happiness derived from them. Actions are considered right if they promote happiness- if an action produces more happiness to those affected, then the better the action. Happiness of everyone counts equally- actions of individuals should consider the happiness of everyone rather than their own happiness. Actions are considered wrong if they promote unhappiness. The two forms of Utilitarianism are: The Act (Jeremy Betham)- when faced with several actions to choose, one has to pick the action which has a better result for people rather than individual. The Rule (John Stuart Mills)- action taken by an individual affects other

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