Ethical Reactions in Law Enforcement

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Ethical Reactions in Law Enforcement Law enforcement officers face ethical dilemmas while executing their duties. Some of the ethical dilemmas include gratitude, undercover tactics, excessive force, and brutality. Law enforcement officers are not immune from human feelings of anger and fear. Police encounter ethical challenges such as difficulties in deciding the right course of action in tricky situations. They also face ethical dilemmas in situations where the proper cause of action seems difficult to execute. The wrong cause of action might also be very tempting bringing about moral confusion (Pollock, 2014). This discussion examines the underlying ethical dilemmas that the Riverbend City police, Antonne James faced while trying calm the situation involving a reckless driver near a school. This objective shall be achieved through reviewing the ethical reactions in law enforcement and the solutions that could be undertaken in a criminal justice perspective. Ethical Issues Associated with Shooting at the Driver Ethical behaviors in the police force begin with the process of selection and hiring qualified individuals in the agency (Braswell, McCarhthy& McCarthy, 2002). The Riverbend police officer was just five weeks into service, and this means that the knowledge acquired in training would play a larger role in solving the situation because he was still inexperienced in the service. Ethical practice is the very first discipline taught to the new recruits in the police academies. In this particular situation, the police officer was unethical to shoot at the driver because, in the first

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