Ethical Perspectives

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Ethical Perspectives Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Social marketing on the use of latex condom among the youths is a responsible social activity that aims at ensuring that STI infections are reduced even as the youth engage in sexual activities. Such a marketing plan comes with some considerations on the side of the marketer. The considerations include providing truthful, fair and accurate information while involving the target users and focusing on the long-term benefits of the marketing plan (Bragg, 2006). Ethical perspective relevant to increasing condom use among the teens and young adults aims at decreasing the cases of STIs among the young people. While doing social marketing for this great social concern is advisable to provide truthful, fair and accurate information to the young people of the ages 17-24 concerning the use of condoms. The benefits that are associated with the use of such protective should also be explained in details. When carrying out a social marketing on the use of latex condoms it is in order to provide the facts about the benefits that come with using the condoms (Attwood & Smith, 2011). For instance telling the youths and the young adults that using latex condoms do not reduce sexual pleasure and its effective use has a 97% protection against contracting sexually transmitted diseases. By being truthful about the facts on the disease control, the youths will be ready to take up the initiative and spread the message across (Lee & Kotler, 2011). But then if the facts argued when trying to market the product have some fallacies, the target groups may become so resistance on the product. In so doing, they will make the

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