Ethical Perspectives Paper pt 2.

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Ethical Perspectives Paper pt 2 Student’s Name Institution The marketing mix plan for the promotion of condom use among teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 25 will involve visiting different institutions where the focus population can be easily located. The group will be taught about the importance of condom use, offered free samples and informed on the price range in the market. Through the promotion, the organization intends to increase condom usage and minimize the spread of STI such as HIV. The marketing mix strategies will, however, reflect the ethical perspective of promoting premature and premarital sex activities in young adults and teenagers, which is perceived as an immoral practice. Implementing the marketing mix strategies will result in the following ethical issues: the society perceives sex as a private issue that should not be discussed in public, in this regard, discussing the functionality of the condoms and illustrating its use to the teenagers and young adults will be termed ethically immoral (La Ferle, 2015). Adults will discourage the teenagers from listening to the message presented in the campaign. Learning institutions are perceived as centers of professional and career development, however, promoting the use of condoms in the schools will be misinterpreted. The specific institutions where the promotion will take place will be affected in the sense that some parents may not want their children to be exposed to sexual information (Lee & Kotler, 2011). Parents will in this regard transfer their children to schools that do not advocate for sexual activities without considering the positive impact of the information on STI

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