Ethical, Legal, and Multicultural Challenges in a Crisis

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Ethical, Legal, and Multicultural Challenges in a Crisis Name Institutional Affiliation Ethical, Legal, and Multicultural Challenges in a Crisis Crises are extreme events or calamities that in one way or another affect and disrupt the daily functioning of the society, for example, a terrorist attack. Crisis in a business situation can be regarded as a period of non-profitability and inability of the company to achieve its objectives. These crises cause loss of both human and material resources (Crandall, W, & Spillan, 2014). During disasters, various organizations such as Red Cross society respond so as to provide humanitarian assistance. However, in the process of providing this assistance, they are affected by ethical, legal and multi-cultural barriers. The United Nations charter outlines health as a basic human right to all persons. In the majority of crises, there is need of medical assistances to the affected. Resources to provide medical assistances are always scarce, and hence some of the affected people have to wait for a longer period. Additionally, the humanitarian assistance organizations may be left in a dilemma to know who to give priority and who is to wait. By doing so, they break the law through discrimination in providing health as a basic human right. Moreover, there is no clear criterion that can be used to label a certain group of people with higher priority than others. The idea of selecting a group of people to prioritize in giving medical attention is against doctors Hippocratic Oath that aims to use the utilitarian approach in solving the situation. Furthermore, separating the people does not ethically show an act of compassion and

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