Ethical Issues Related to Aging, Death, and/or Dying

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Ethical Issues Related to Aging, Death, and/or Dying. The American Psychological Association writes that as people grow old and approach the end of their lives, their families and they commonly come across decisions and tasks that involve several choices ranging from simple to more sophisticated options. The American Psychological Association connects to this story in that it leads to scientific issues and also a professional organization that represents psychology. Also, its mission is to advance the form up, communication, and ensure application of psychological knowledge that benefits societies and improves the lives of people. These choices lie along the lines of practical, spiritual, psychological, legal, medical or even existential. For instance, the families of dying individuals and the person themselves are faced with the dilemma of what sort of caregiver help that they may need. This decision dilemma is also added to the sense that these individuals may be given special care under specified institutional setting or at their homes ("American Psychological Association" N.pag). The dying persons are also faced with the challenge of giving out their desired degree of family involvement that they find ultimate when it comes to the issue of decision-making and giving them care. Also, the aging persons almost at the point of their deaths have many different legal decisions and stand to take. For instance, aging individuals are faced with legal decisions that involve drafting of wills, advanced directories, and even durable attorney powers. In addition to these legal issues, in some communities of the world, the aging persons involve themselves in rituals that prepare

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