Ethical Issues Diagnosis and Assessment

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Ethical Issues in Diagnosis and Assessment Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Abstract Ethics is increasingly becoming an integral part of any profession. Professionals are being urged to adhere to specific ethical guidelines in their field. The field of psychology involves a high level of interaction between any professional in this field and the client since it’s from this interaction that a solution will be found. Clients will trust that by opening up about their problems, their personal information will be safeguarded and their privacy protected. Several decision-making models have been advanced by different scholars to help psychology professionals make desirable ethical decisions. ‘Integrative Decision-Making Model of Ethical Behavior’ is a model for ethical decision making under practice-based models of ethical decision making developed by Tarvydas in 1998.The model identifies steps and guiding principles that a psychology professional will use to arrive at a better decision when solving a problem. This paper analyses Bobby’s case and uses Tarvydas’s model to explore ways of explaining and solving different ethical issues arising from the case. These ethical concerns include professionalism, honesty, confidentiality, right to results and protecting privileged information. Ethical Issues in Diagnosis and Assessment Bobby’s case offers a wider picture of the various ethical issues confronting psychology professionals in their daily work. There are many psychological problems that affect young people, and Bobby’s case is no different. Changes in family structure and relationships present some psychological challenges to children.

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