Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma Name Institution Date Ethical Dilemma Introduction Statement For a very long time, there have been unethical and corrupt practices taking place in the States government. Notably, most of these unethical practices have been carried out by national security officers both the highest and lowest ranked. The national security officials should be the ones with the highest ethical standards as an example to show other professions the importance of doing the right thing (Bromell, 2012). The national security should have enough knowledge on ethical deliberations since they are crucial in making a moral judgment. National security executives find it difficult to do well and do the right thing which led to citizens mistrusting the department. Claims for Thesis Statement When an individual has the moral knowledge, they can question assumptions that are usually never questions in areas like politics and businesses. Police enforcement should be the people who lead by example, but you find that they make deals with criminals at a fee. Questioning the national security system should be promoted to allow citizens to have confidence in the justice department (Caldero and Crank, 2010). Some of these questions would include functional prisons, equality at the workplace, law enforcement roles, state authority and equal opportunities. It is important to note that studying ethics is the only way that unethical behavior can be identified since the knowledge gained will help in determining what is right or wrong(Chauhan and Srivastava, 2009). Every day we read or watch stories of law enforcement officers who do wrong by compromising with criminals with power and

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