ethical decision making process

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Ethical decision-making process Institution Date Ethical decision making is the process of choosing from alternatives which have been evaluated based on ethical principles. The alternatives in an ethical situation are competitive and may require sacrificing some ethical principles in favor for the ones that will minimize harm in the situation. Taking unethical decisions will lead to criminal charges, ruin a person’s profession or also cause death to a patient. The paper shall use a nine-step process for making a decision in an ethical manner for Euthanasia, organ transplantation and Eugenics. Gathering of facts concerning the issue is the first step. Euthanasia is suicide that has been assisted by a healthcare practitioner (Boudreau, 2016). In most cases, it is conducted to ease the suffering of the patient caused by the illness. Organ transplant involves the transfer of an organ from a donor to another person with a malfunctioning similar organ (Abouna, 2003 and Akoh, 2012)). Eugenics is a sociological philosophy that is dedicated to improving human genetics by favoring a cross breeding with people bearing the desired traits. Eugenics also advocate for reduced sexual reproduction as well as sterilization of the people with traits which are less desirable (Suckling, 2000). The second step is defining ethical issues; euthanasia is considered ethical since it ends a person’s life which is illegal at any instance. If euthanasia is considered illegal, then the technology that is used currently to prolong a patient’s life should be avoided and let death follow the natural course (Boudreau, 2016). Also, patient’s autonomy and the physician have the right to duty to

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