Ethical Decision Making 2

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Ethical Decision Making PAS is an intentional cessation of one’s life, through the usage of a toxic substance, with the direct or indirect aid of a medical practitioner. The clinician provides a medicament to the patient that slowly and painlessly ends his or her life. According to Louanne (2011), she claims that some philosophers regard this type of suicide as a rational protest against conventional morality. On the same note, the act has its proponents who support the action and opponents who believe that it infringes the ultimate ideology of medicine. Therefore, they consider that doctors should not offer support to suicide victims because the act is discordant with the physician’s role as a shaman. Thus, this paper shall discuss how beneficence and non-maleficence are operative in the discussion of physician-assisted suicide. On the same note, the article shall depict the position that the American Nurses Association hold on PAS. Beneficence is the obligation to contribute absolutely to the well-being of a patient. Advocates of abetted suicide claim that helping distressed patients to die after bellicose attempts to cope with psycho-spiritual agony is a sympathetic rejoinder to the medical fiasco (Jie, 2015). Some of the physicians have given testimonies of particular cases under which life-threatening anguish made them support patients to pass on. They claim that the only beneficent approach that was available under those circumstances was assisted death in comparison to other forms of medication. Therefore, the act has noteworthy insinuations to nurses who are personally involved in design and provision of analgesic care. On the other hand, non-maleficence is

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