Essential service water (ESW)

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Essential Service Water System Table of Contents TOC o "1-5" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc463978094 h 4Purpose and Function of Essential Service Water PAGEREF _Toc463978095 h 4Components of Essential Water System PAGEREF _Toc463978096 h 5The Intake Components PAGEREF _Toc463978097 h 9Travelling Screens PAGEREF _Toc463978098 h 9Screen Wash Pump PAGEREF _Toc463978099 h 10Stop Gates PAGEREF _Toc463978100 h 10Essential Service Water Pump PAGEREF _Toc463978101 h 10Bar Screens PAGEREF _Toc463978102 h 13Essential Service Water Debris Filters PAGEREF _Toc463978103 h 13Vacuum Relief Valve PAGEREF _Toc463978104 h 14Expansion Joint (Bellow) PAGEREF _Toc463978105 h 14Check Valve PAGEREF _Toc463978106 h 15Importance of Essential Service Water to Plant Safety PAGEREF _Toc463978107 h 15Significant Design Basis for the Essential Service Water PAGEREF _Toc463978108 h 18Operations of Essential Service Water System PAGEREF _Toc463978109 h 20Normal Operating Condition PAGEREF _Toc463978110 h 20Abnormal Operating Conditions PAGEREF _Toc463978111 h 21Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc463978112 h 22References PAGEREF _Toc463978113 h 24Appendix PAGEREF _Toc463978114 h 25Appendix A: Open-once Configuration (Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1992) PAGEREF _Toc463978115 h 25Appendix B: Open-recirculating Configuration (Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1992) PAGEREF _Toc463978116 h 26Appendix C: Closed Configuration (Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1992) PAGEREF _Toc463978117 h 27 List of Figures TOC h z c "Figure" Figure 1: Components of ESW (Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1992). PAGEREF _Toc463976369 h 4Figure 2: Intake ESW System PAGEREF _Toc463976370 h 6Figure 3: Vertical Single Stage Semi-Axial Pump

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