Essential elements of healthy sexuality

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Essential Elements of Healthy Sexuality Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Essential Elements of Healthy Sexuality Abstract There are numerous definitions of healthy sexual life. Among the most prominent is that a healthy sexual life means one has the power as well as the knowledge to express sexuality in a manner that enriches that person’s life. Although many cultural backgrounds contribute to different understandings of healthy sexuality, some aspects stand out across most cultures. It is important to note that sexuality means more than just sex. Healthy sexuality is cultural, social, physical, as well as emotional. Among the most important is sexual intimacy. It has been reported to have numerous advantages, most of which have been discussed. There is also the aspect of abstinence before marriage that is advertised by most spiritual leaders, in addition to some sexuality psychologists. One can agree that it is a touchy matter; since sex and the desire to procreate is an intrinsic human character. However, abstinence before marriage is linked to healthy sexuality by creating intimacy between couples once married. Sexual intimacy is the core of a strong and lasting relationship. Couples should see to it that they promote intimacy so that they can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Introduction Sexuality is the central aspect of being human throughout life which encompasses sexual orientation, eroticism, intimacy, pleasure, gender identities and roles, and sex. Sexuality is expressed and experienced in relationships, roles, attitudes, beliefs, desires, and fantasies. Healthy sexuality refers to having the power and knowledge to express one’s

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