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Family Systems Theory: Family Therapy Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Family Therapy The week's readings entailed the reading of chapter one, two and three of the Family Therapy (FT) text by Nichols (2017). From this text, chapter one deals with the progression of FT. The author investigates the precursors and initial periods of FT. Nichol (2017) gives two persuasive narratives of personalities and ideas. The first narrative is about founders of FT who changed the view of problems as a role of individuals. The curiosity of these founders made the therapists to formulate new approaches of conceptualizing the problems of family living forming the second narrative of ideas. In the past, therapists opposed the notion of dealing with the patient’s family to protect the client’s privacy. For instance, the Freudians rejected the household to expose the unconscious. However, therapy advancements during the 1950s resulted in a perception that a family is a natural whole. For example, Cullin (2006) explains that Gregory Bateson, Jay Haley, and Don Jackson found out that schizophrenia was meaningful within the framework of pathological family interaction. These research outcomes introduced the FT, and the researchers discovered that the conduct of patients with schizophrenia matches with those of the family and that it is the family that generates schizophrenia. Nichols (2017) also explains that during the initial years, family psychotherapists were vibrant with self-confidence and belief. Nowadays, following the introduction of managed care as well as other natural psychoanalysis, people are minimally certain. However, even though the present therapists may be

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