Essay to compare and contrast the american and french revolution

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Name Professor Course Date Comparison and Contrasts the French and the American Revolution The French and American Revolution were fought for year’s occurring oceans apart. Scholars believe that the two revolutions influenced each other. The similarities between the two are distinct to the extent of producing distinctions between them. The two revolutions are radically different which springs from the fact that whereas the United States have remained a stable democratic republic the French have gone through five republics which were interrupted by a couple of empires and a short monarchy at the same time. The American Revolution took the strategy of military actions occurring up towards the colonialist power. However, public executions made the French revolution bloody (William, 26). They were subjected towards the church, the old regime and with time against their leadership. The American Revolution directed its efforts against the colonialist power and was pushed forward by taxation grievances and power wrangles. The French revolution was towards its internal royalty power and the church colluding with a particular power (William, 28). The American Revolution was between the Great Britain and American colonies. However, the French Revolution was between the monarchy and the French citizens. They have enough similarities to the point their struggles mirror each other. Both of the revolutions happened in the 18th century with efforts to avert the existing monarchy government (Friedrich, 65). They both developed a basis for patriotism and constitutionalism. The American Revolution suffered economic challenges and financial pressure due to heavy taxations

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