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Name Instructor Course Date Question #1: Share an experience where you incurred risk to demonstrate respect for others (i.e., interacting with others in a manner that acknowledges their value and worth as human beings and colleagues). Be sure to discuss why respect is important to you. Sometimes, pursuing noble efforts may inadvertently introduce unexpected challenges which further complicate the situation in context. I appreciated this life lesson while participating in the Financial Management Trainee Program organized by the Hong Kong-based MassMutual Financial Group at the summer vacation of 2014. Throughout the program, I was responsible for directing a ten-member multinational team to design a business plan for the company. In the course of our deliberations, individuals presented varied viewpoints which, admittedly, tested my interpersonal skills. At least, I understood their diverse cultural backgrounds as being the source of those conflicting views. For instance, one task involved analyzing the market for potential customers whose calculated targeting would reveal opportunities for expanding the firm’s customer base. My opinion was that group concentrates on the mainland Chinese market, but four team members opined narrowing that focus to the city of Hong Kong. Two-thirds supported my perspective. However, being in a leadership position, I was obliged to demonstrate consideration for the views of the minority. Therefore, I compromised to include both the mainland and Hong Kong market spaces into the scope of our investigation despite the risk that such would require enhanced coordination, possibly even a deadline extension. Alternatively, I might have

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