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Essay Questions Based on Readings Name: Institution: How Career Ladder Jobs Increase Employment Prospects The work is an excellent contribution to the present literature on crime and employment of adolescents. It links the research and theory to the public policies in an even manner and introduces the idea of career-ladder jobs as a lead in reducing delinquency and crime. The book opens up the reader’s mind to new perspectives on employment of adolescents and public policy. The study employs “self-report experiences of labor market participation collected from the 1997 cohort of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY97)” (Wang, 2013). The NLSY97 posted the findings of their research on their websites in seven waves. The research had very detailed data on the matter and served the author of the book very well in building his main hypotheses. All of the youths that were used as the research subjects in this study grew up during a time when there was a rapid online accumulation of information (Wang, 2013). This accumulation was made possible by the advancements in information technology that took place during this period. Therefore, the report is a great resource to this and similar studies that deal with the policy implications of the present times. The author's main idea, as mentioned in the previous paragraph is using the concept of career ladder jobs as a way of determining the trends of crime and delinquency among the youths and trying to come up with a way of solving them (Wang, 2013). Going higher on the ladder of status is a great inspiration for many participants of the American job market. Some argue that a career is neither an occupation nor a job

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