Essay Part I ( Have to answer all questions FROM TEXT BOOK )

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Human Sexuality: Essays Part I Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Research Topic in Human Sexuality In their book, Herdt and Polen-Petit (2014) educatively discusses various issues from chapter one to eight. Among these is contraception as an issue of human sexuality. The authors in chapter even have defined the term contraception as whichever technique that people utilize to avoid getting pregnant (Herdt and Polen-Petit, 2014 p. 213). They have also discussed the historical disparities as well as variations in people’s cultures on contraception. They affirm that it is an old human practice though is technologically getting advanced in the present age. In human cultures, the authors cite the Egyptian technique of putting an instrument made of crocodile droppings as well as fermented dough in the ladies vagina to make the vaginal condition unfavorable for sperms survival. The authors have also discussed contraception techniques in various cultures; however, they state that most of those techniques were ineffective. They have also looked at the methods of contraception and the way to select a contraceptive technique (Herdt and Polen-Petit, 2014 p. 217). Herdt and Polen-Petit (2014) have also tackled a few widespread myths concerning contraception as well as their efficiency in averting pregnancy. Lastly, they have discussed the function of contraception within human sexual health (Herdt and Polen-Petit, 2014 p. 241). Based on the authors’ discussion as summarized above, I have selected the following research topic: Hindrances to Contemporary Contraceptive Methods within the Americans Importance of the Research Topic This research topic is a significant

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