essay on the role of women

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Name Instructor Course Date Role of women In the recent years, the UN has tried to bring in gender equality as the world moves towards the 22nd Century. Surveys made have equally shown that the role of women in the society and human rights of women and girls have their impact on the development of the society. This has led to poverty and inequality especially to the third world countries that take the women as less superior beings. As seen in Document A, most women were restricted to their love, marriages, children, and their home and not allowed to engage in any activity that would help on the improvement of the economy. According to Document A, it shows that most women are now moving from the olden days and are looking for more productive activities by them having ambitions that lead to social achievements, hence admiration by others, improving on their careers, artistic success, professional triumph, flattery, learning how to face disappointments, being involved in suffrage, reduced strife, anxiety, and loneliness leading to their fame. The fight for women empowerment and women`s rights in the achievement of sustainable development has been increasingly supported in recent decades by the developing countries. Women`s right has been one of the most fought critics across the world. Recently, the importance of women participating in decision making has been felt all across the globe. This is evident by some countries having being led by women leaders. Common in the third world countries was the role of women is taking care of the children and the house as per the customs and the traditions of the community. To get rid of such customs and traditions the United Nation has

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