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fuels lead to the reduction of the Arctic ice cap's size. The action in this scenario is very risky since it is this arctic icecap that offers the reflection of the energy from the sun away from the surface of the earth. In the absence of reflection that the ice cap does, temperatures are likely to increase thus resulting in drastic droughts and rainstorms. In conclusion, the emission of the future carbon dioxide (CO2) and the also future actions of mitigations will have an impact on the manner by which human being will suffer from the consequences brought by the present behaviors. In this regard, human beings have the opportunity to come up with best and admirable examples through taking early...

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fuels, into the atmosphere, can lead to 0.7 units reduction in the pH of the ocean. The research concluded that unrestricted and indiscriminate CO2 emissions into the atmosphere over the coming years might produce changes more significant than those experienced in the past 300 million years (Caldeira et al. 365). However, the results did not include possible emissions due to natural phenomena like volcanic eruptions. Works Cited Caldeira, Ken, and Michael E. Wickett. "Oceanography: Anthropogenic carbon and ocean pH." NatureĀ 425.6956 (2003):...

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