Essay For Teacher Assistantship

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Name Professor Subject Date Essay for Teaching Assistantship As a mother of two who has confronted issues of proper educational support for her children, I am deeply committed to reforming the education system particularly early education. I am very interested in improving the accessibility of quality education for young children that will transform them into holistic individuals of sound character. As a result of my experiences, I am familiar with the struggles that young children experience both physically and emotionally and the grave need for a supportive system to guide them. I am very convinced that increasing a person’s access to education can make a difference between hope and despondency. I am applying for the teacher assistantship position in the university so that I can pursue my life mission: to make education accessible, interesting and insightful to young children. I began preparing for this mission by starting out as a kindergarten teacher after graduation with a Master’s degree in Zoology. I had a huge desire to impart my knowledge and love for learning to children. My teaching experience was fun and widened my understanding of progression in sciences as well as the importance of relational understanding to support the future learning of the children. I have always enjoyed being around young children, and the experience was quite easy on me. I was involved in preparing lessons and activities and implementing the plan. The experience taught me about the importance of preparation, planning, and proper communication as essential skills within teaching. I fostered great relationships with the pupils, parents and staff to

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