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development. Work Cited Welsh, Elizabeth T., Connie R. Wanberg, Kenneth G. Brown, and Marcia J. Simmering. "E‐learning: emerging uses, empirical results and future directions." international Journal of Training and Development 7.4 (2003): 245-258.

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development Materials Implementation costs Instructor cost Student cost Materials Facilities costs Other costs Recording Revisions to training Information technology Internal salaries (Moran,2013) The following is a detailed training programme budget worksheet to expound on the plan requirements. Assignment 6: Training cost data work sheet – 2018 Type of cost Estimated cost Multiplier Total cost DEVELOPMENT COST Curriculum development External consultants Internal salaries Meals & travel Materials Presentation materials Safety signs design Equipment purchase(Moran,2013) projector $90 $100 $90 * 4 months $100 * twice $360 $200 IMPLEMENTATION...