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Student’s Name Professor Name Course Date The Real Estate According to Enrico Moretti’s book The New Geography Jobs, it is genuine to say that middle class and poor residents in these big and wealthy cities can still thrive with their local service jobs like taxi-driving and teaching. The new geographical jobs impact cuts across both the haves and the have-nots since it raises the standard of living and the salaries in the big cities. The big and cities labor markets are still suffering from the impact of local service jobs invention American labor society being a good example. The recovery mechanism threshold is unevenly distributed geographically, due to the variation in technological progress adoption leading to other cities blossoming while the rest still fastened in an endless recession. The relevance of local service jobs in both vibrant and big cities remains stable due to the incorporation of the internet and the other software. This has created multiple job opportunities for millions of middle-class individuals without forgetting the averaged skilled who are the poor. The invention of the internet has propelled transformation of human life. It has catalyzed the process of job creation breathing hop to the poor and middle-class residents in the prosperous towns. According to McKinsey Global Institute report, it is evident that for every job that technological advancement through the internet has destroyed, it has completed it with 2.6 more opportunities with even better wages than the initial one (Moretti Enrico). The middle class and the poor have vast of opportunities in these big cities as the capacity are usually defined by the level of

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