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Essay 6-Feedback Name Institution Global Concern Introduction The method I used to locate issues highlighted in the article titled “The Lens of Objectification Theory and Sexual Harassment” was peer reviewing which identifies the strong areas of the article and the weak areas which can be improved to achieve a great piece. Tool The reason I used peer reviewing tool was that it provided me with the ability to analyze each part of the article in a clear and coherent manner. Moreover, it provided me with the ability to express my opinion about the article whereby these views highlight the areas to be improved and acknowledgment of the strong facts in the article (Griffiths, 2016). Discovery The discoveries I made from this article was that the author of this piece aimed at creating awareness about how women are treated as a sexual object and to achieve his aim the author relied on several theories such as the objectification theory and the intersection theory. Also, the author highlighted the effect of women being as sexual object whereby he identified shame as the major negative effect. The major weakness with this article is that the author fails to acknowledge that even men are sexually abused, and that sexual harassment cannot end in the society if appropriate and effective measures aren’t put into place to ensure both genders are safe (Davidson, 2015). Conclusion It’s clear that women form pillars of the society and that the reason they should be protected from any negative elements such as sexual harassment. However, there is a need to emphasize even on the other gender which is male gender because they are also affected by this issue of sexual

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