Essay 5-Saving Capitalism Literature Review

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Saving Capitalism Author Institute Affiliation Saving Capitalism Capitalism plays a major part in the economic growth of many economies in the world, although many argue that idealism should come first before capitalism as all other aspects that arise from capitalism are first conceived as ideas before actualizing and realizing capitalism (Reinert, & Daastol, 1999). In the spirit of capitalism, there is nothing as a free market. It’s merely a human illusion hence having control over the market could hence prove difficult; hard to regulate even. The market is under the control of different forces making it hard to limit it to government control. Nonetheless, the citizens are the greatest contributors to the economy, be it through production or financial economies. Calls to save capitalism should hence be heeded, and citizens are given and value more than just what they earn. The valuation seems to limit them or constrains their efforts (Alison, 2015) which eventually lowers the rate of productivity; further, given that production and financial capitalism go hand in hand, the productivity of the citizens will have a great impact on the economy. Production and financial sectors cannot work without the each other hence forming a symbiotic relationship. Production capitalism depends on the performance of financial capitalism, whereas innovations in the financial sector are always accompanied by innovations in production processes (Reinert, & Daastol, 1999). Although some points in the economy, the relationship may seem a little parasitic, much of the relationship is based on a symbiotic relationship. Hence in saving capitalism, there are a variety of areas

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