Essay 5-Literature Review Draft

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Essay 5-Literature Review Draft Name Institutional Affiliation Date Essay 5-Literature Review Draft Was the outline a useful pre-drafting tool? The outline proved to be a very useful pre-drafting tool. With the outline, I was able to give my topic and research structure as well as meaning. This way, I was able to organize my ideas in a manner that effectively communicates the said ideas to readers. However, I had to engage in some exercises prior to coming up with the outline. These included brainstorming, freewriting, listing as well as clustering (VanderMey, Meyer, Rys and Sebranek, 2014). Prior to writing the outline, I had so many ideas, some of which were not very strong. Through listing and clustering, I was able to refine the said ideas, ending up with what I believe were the most relevant ideas (Winner, 2013). Using the outline as a pre-drafting tool also allowed me to save a lot of time and not to get stuck. Did you find that your structure changed significantly? Moving from the outline to the structure, I did not find that the structure changed significantly. The only thing I had to do was expand on the ideas that I had listed in the outline. As such, the only thing about the structure that changed was the size of the paragraph which in turn translated to a longer draft than the outline Did other learners use the same processes? Other learners also utilized a similar strategy. The only difference was in the form and structure that the outlines took. While some leaners opted for a simple list of the main points they would make in their draft, others opted for a more elaborate structure incorporating capital letters, roman numerals and indention.

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