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Classroom Management Institution Student Course Date Introduction Classroom management involves the creation of a set of expectations used in an organized classroom environment; these expectations include; rules and regulations, routines and the consequences of breaking these rules. Classroom management is essential in effective teaching (Oliver & Reschly 2007). It ensures efficient use of time; when the students know what to do and when. This becomes a routine, and the teacher does not need to tell students what to do. Also, there is consistency. A teacher with strong management skills ensures that the students know what to expect in their daily activities. Also, classroom management reduces misbehaviors in class. It does not give students time to misbehave. Therefore, a well-managed classroom should have the following features (Wong 2007). First, the physical environment should be conducive to learning, and respect is critical, the students and students should understand the rules and regulations should be actively involved in classroom activities in pursuit of knowledge. Discipline is what we think of at the mention classroom management. However, these are two different ideas in how they are applied in classrooms. For classroom management, the teacher is responsible for provides routines and procedures to be followed, but students are responsible for classroom discipline such as following rules and accepting punishment for breaking the rules (Evertson 1994). Every student is different; they all have their best way of learning. Therefore, it is vital to adopt different learning styles, and this ensures every student is accommodated in the

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