Erikson’s Theory: Initiative versus Guilt. OR .Emotional and Social Development in Early Childhood

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Emotional and social development in early childhood Children tend to mature as they get older where they adopt improved social interactions with others. A young child aspires affection and bonding with primary caregivers. However, a young teenager strives to build other social relationships with technology nowadays social media networks have facilitated this aspect. A baby is usually nurtured by its guardian to understand and communicate to be self-sufficient in the coming years. As the child grows, the brain articulates different environments exposed to it. In the article on infant sensorimotor development, a toddler when interacting with peers at preschool (Reichl and Kimberly, 52). Sensorimotor toddlers engage in a unique type of play called, parallel play which entails children playing alongside each other but in this case with their toys not with one another. During the pre-active phase, young children begin to cooperate intensely in small groups where they will eventually come up with a group game to involve every member; this is termed as cooperative play common to children at ages four and five years. As young toddlers continue to grow and develop socially with children of their age group, they often become more agile, active and ferocious in their play, known as rough and tumble play. It mainly involves running climbing and competitive games. Social skills learned, in this case, including learning to respect game protocol and learning to take turns. Young children in this stage barely comprehend the various definitions of friendship where it is still a basic term lacking compassion as teenagers and

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