Era of Reform

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The reform era of the nineteenth century is synonymous with reform movements fighting for the rights of women, workers, government reform, temperance, civil rights and radical trade unionism. The era pulled together various reform movements to fight for the different causes through pulled unionism. Eric Foner’s book, The Voices of Freedom, highlight the various documents and people who fought for various rights in the reform era. The author has analyzed how people affected the course of the movements during the reform while also championing the rights of the marginalized groups in the society. The essay evaluates the documents and sources that helped spark the reform movements during the reform era. Angelina Grimke’s letters on the rights of women to assume political positions sparked gender and political debate on the issue. The women rights activists opined that women shared similar rights as men and that right ought not to be based on gender. Angelina opined that it was morally incorrect to sideline women due to their gender, while in most cases; women undertook their duties and responsibilities morally within the society. The same argument was fronted during the reform era, with proponents arguing that by granting similar rights to slaves, women ought to enjoy similar rights in the society. Grimke’s letters elicited reactions and enthusiasm for supporters that eventually led to women being allowed to assume political leadership in the society (Angelina Grimke’s letters 77). Robert Owen published documents relating to the debates on the new system. Scholars were unequivocally divided on the best system to use to ensure a fair division of resources and

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