Equality vs difference

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date Equality vs. Difference Joan Scott provides a comprehensive analysis of the feminine perspective in the society and different theories that try to explain issues in gender equality. Her analysis challenges the existing theoretical arguments on the binary of equality versus difference. Joan’s position and opinions can be reflected through the following examples. She argues that the “existing feminine theories were created with the perspective of conforming to the existing gender inequality” (Scott 38). They advocate for a revisit of the past and reflection of the gender roles, especially on the position of women in the society. In this regard, the theories are biased and should be changed. She advocates for a theory that critically scrutinizes gender equality and difference, patriarchy institution, organization, and ideology. Joan seeks a theory that breaks the traditional philosophies of gender, which have empowered masculinity over feminism and also one that will review the traditional gender-based thinking. She recommends poststructuralist theory based on its characteristics that match the quality of a theory women need to rectify the equality versus difference issue. Joan argues that the issue of equality versus difference should not be ignored in school. Women should be given priority that is relatively equal to that of men rather than being treated based on their needs, characteristics, and interests. In employment, political influence, cultural feminism, and feminist separation should not be used as a determinant of the number of women to be recruited in different government posts. Instead, an

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