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Name Course Tutor Date Equality and Justice In general, equality is the state of being equal in terms of value, ability, rank, and degree. Justice is simply the fairness when it comes to the protection of rights as well as the punishment of wrongs committed by individuals. The aim of most legal systems in the world is to uphold justice however there are some laws that bring injustice instead of justice. In law, equality is a principle of justice. There are three theories that revolve the area of equality and justice which will be discussed in this paper. The three theories are Mills theory of Utilitarianism, Nozick theory of Libertarianism and Rawl’s theory of justice. In Mills theory of Utilitarianism, Mills states that actions are considered as right according to the level of happiness they bring. Additionally, according to Mills, actions are considered as wrong if they produce feelings reverse of happiness. According to Mills happiness is simply the absence of pain. According to Mills the basis of morality is happiness. Therefore for an action to be termed as fair and just it should provide a certain level of happiness to the participants. According to this utilitarianism theory, Mill states that justice is based on the utility which brings about rights that are supposed to fulfill human happiness (Ruitenberg & Claudia & Daniel, n.d). Rawl came up with a theory of equality and justice in his book called “A Theory of Justice.” In his theory, Rawl rejects the concept of utilitarianism that was created by Mills. Additionally, Rawl agrees with Nozick that morality and justice are quite different things. In this theory, Rawl came up with two

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