Equal Opportunity and the Law in the United States

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Equal Employment Opportunity Laws Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Equal Employment Opportunity Laws in America Introduction Equal requires that each person should be treated in the same manner, without discrimination due to artificial prejudices or prejudices or barriers, except in situations that are specifically justifiable. Several debates have erupted on the equal concept. However, the aim of the concept is that employment opportunities have to be allocated to the most qualified people with the ability to perform well in the provided task. The idea of equal chance in the context of human resource development ensures that employment is not allocated to an individual for irrelevant or arbitrary reasons, like economic status, race, sex, upbringing, ethnicity, and religion or involuntary individual attributes like age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender. Chances of success should be availed for each interested individual; in that, they should be accorded equal competition platform within the context of achieving goals and the legislation. The idea is to eradicate arbitrariness from the process of selection and create a pre-meditated fairness basis, with the assessment procedure being linked to the position to be filled, and emphasizing legal and procedural methods. Equal opportunity in employment requires that people should ether fail or succeed by their efforts and not advantageous circumstances like race, economic status e.t.c. The debate on equal chance has progressed over the years, the paper studies the progress of equal chance over the years, outlining the various developments made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

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