Epic Essay Examples



epic with the title Sundiata, Deriving the title from the significant character; Sundiata, Also referred to as Lion of Mali or Sogolon Djata, Though, others referred to him as Mandinka Diara (D.T Niane, 3). A story is told of the famous Konate, Full name being Nare Maghan Konate, Konate ruled Mandinka as a king, A kingdom where a king was a compelling being (D.T Niane, 6). One day Konate got a visitor, The visitor was a hunter and also a seer, And from him came forth a prophecy, Regarding the king’s heir (D.T Niane, 8). King Konate was to marry an ugly woman, And from the ugly woman, Konate would father a son, The baby could rise one day to be a mighty king, A mighty king that will...