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Name Instructor Course Date Epic Poem: Scholarly Introduction War comes out as one of the common phenomena, which apply to comprehending abstract entities within the specific society. Among the Luo people, war tends to date back to the duration of their settlement in the current region, Nyanza. “With the first settlements, there was a great deal of inter-clan warfare (Cohen 1974; 155). According to Cohen, the Luo people focused on making wars together while fighting collectively with the intention of defending their lands. In this context, this cultural genre provides the platform for understanding the civilization among the Luo community. Across the early period of their settlements through later war encounters with Maasai, Nandi, and Baluhya, the Luo people, in Kenya, had the platform to develop the feeling of unity. These warring encounters were critical in the generation of the legendary figure within the community, Luanda Magere. Luanda Magere had the opportunity to lead the Luo community in diverse wars the Nandi community while symbolizing the route towards the achievement of civilization. There are various properties, which tend to characterize war for the metaphorical obligations or duties. Some of these properties include strategies, agents, fighters, enemies, and weapons. These techniques and equipment were ideal in enabling the communities in the traditional context to preserve what they had, as well as acquire what they did desire in the form of civilization. Across the 19th century AD, the Luo community did migrate into the current area they occupy in Kenya, thus, the platform to move away from the savanna grasslands for the higher, as well as

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