Environmental Topic regarding the plastic pollution of ocean waters

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Name Instructor Course Date Effects and Dangers of Plastic Bags on Ocean Water IntroductionHumans have dumped tons of garbage into the ocean for several years. Most pollution in the ocean begins on land then is washed by rain or carried by the wind into the ocean. Plastic wastes, having a low density, are readily transported over long distances from the original place into the ocean. There is a continuous accumulation of wastes in oceans due to the wind and water runoff actions. The most devastating issue of the human pollution in the ocean is that plastic bags do not biodegrade; hence, marine animals greatly suffer due to our actions. The dangers have reached a point of threatening human health since the toxins from plastic pollution in oceans have entered the food chain. This paper gives a discussion of effects and dangers of plastic bags on ocean water. Marine animals often confuse plastic littering for food in their environment. Once the plastics are in these animals’ bodies, the plastic accumulates, and the chemicals released can cause the production of excess estrogen. The excess estrogen in marine animals has led to the discoveries of male fish having female sex organs. Plastics blocks digestive tracks of marine animals and the trapped food releases gasses that render them buoyant; hence, they are unable to dive for food (Delaney and Tim 83). Plastics release the toxic additives they contain into the environment. These chemicals released disrupt the balanced set of hormones that have effects on the cells and organs of the bodies of marine animals. Plastics in oceans are dangerous to human beings in several ways. High toxicity from plastics is derived from

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