Environmental Sustainability Track Changes

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Environmental Sustainability What is your geographic sphere of interest? How was that chosen and why? Environmental sustainability is a critical concern in our project. The mainn geographic sphere of interest is the surrounding area of the East Wilder Road and the Connecticut River. This was chosen due to the project location and environmental impact throughout and after the construction. Those residents lived here will be influenced by the construction pollutants, especially the waste water will contaminate the Connecticut River. What is your time frame of interest? How/Why did you choose that? For Environmental aspect, consider the expectation from our community partner. We are going to design for 100-year-storm culverts. With respect to the climate change, if the precipitation becomes larger which influence the flow rate, we may need to redesign the culvert system. What is the impact onHow are air, surface water, soil, and groundwater in impacted by your project? Our project aims to repave the selected road section, redesign the culvert system and alleviate slope erosion problem. In the process of construction, it will release carbon dioxide and other construction pollutants which will influence the air quality of the surrounding area. The asphalt using to repave the road has the potential to leach carcinogenic compounds which will damage the soil. The construction waste may also contaminate water. The main purpose of redesigning culvert system is to collect the rainstorm water to mitigate runoff problem. In addition, the culvert material (PVC) releases toxic chemicals and damages the soil and water. On the other handside, the reduction of sediment due to

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