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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Environmental Racism in Harlem Since 2004 According to research study discussed in this essay, there is some environmental protective laws and regulation that are drawn along racial lines. In the Upper Side of the Bronx, ecological burdens are disproportionately distributed on racial and ethnic minorities in their places of work or residence. Back in the ancient days, people of color would be used in industries especially in sections with toxic and hazardous substances. The main purpose of this essay is to ascertain that environmental racism is still a major crisis because the people of color in Upper side of Bronx, as well as the minority, are discriminated in making ecological decision and the marginalized people are not involved in environmental movements in industries, and there is need to ensure environmental justice at all times. . To start with, the root of this problem can be traced back in the colonial period. That is the era when colonialists would dispossess the people of color their homelands, and expelled them from the national park and wilderness for the benefit of vacationers and ecologists like John Muir. The African American community, they were used as slaves for the expropriation of ecological understanding. According to Syed (588), the people of color and the ethnic minorities have faced much more environmental hazards because they comprise of the largest number of the urban working class in Harlem since 2004. In their workplaces, they are more exposed to toxic dangers in the industrial society (Rasmussen, 03). Also, Industrial wastes in this side of Harlem cause the increase in asthma

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