environmental perspectives

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZZ November 30, 2016 Abstract: None Requested Environmental Perspectives Précis 1 Introduction Each of the articles state information about the world, there are four links under review and discussed in detail below. The First Nation and Climate Action are about group concerned with the world, as we know it. The third is about a proposal from Nestlé Waters Canada and how they are focused on environmental sustainability and protecting the area. What they all have in common is the environment, and how it has changed or improved. Reflection Summary Each website touches on the impact of industry on climate change and the environment. The first two is a combined definition of how humans need to fix the mess they have made. The world is a contaminated mess. Nations are coming together to attempt to repair the damage caused in the last couple of centuries. Nestlé appears to be responsible for the environmental problems in Canada if one considers what environmental groups say about them (WWA, 2015), (Lohan, 2007). Précis 2 Honoring Earth This article discusses what the Native people of Earth feel for the planet and the environment. They speak of guardianship for all living plant and creatures. These natives speak of their concerns about the negative impact of noxious waste and chemicals in the destruction of the earth (First Nation, 2016). There is a discussion about several policies they support to heal the damage caused by the humans of planet Earth. Now is the time to work together as one. Reflection First Nation is right on target that the time is now for all to work together in healing the planet. Everyone’s life depends on it. The

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