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ENTREPRENEURSHIP By (name) Course Tutor University City, State where it is located Date Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship involves a pursuit aimed at an opportunity present without regard to the resources. The definition means that people need to utilize available opportunities to make money. People who are serious in entrepreneurship have always noticed the niche in the society and plan to satisfy the members for a pay (Drucker, 2014, p.175). An entrepreneur is a person who takes the financial risks for a certain opportunity available with the hope of making a profit after running the business (BusinessDictionary.com, 2018). Entrepreneurs are seen to observe the niche in the market and through their creativity comes up with the solution that can assist in the satisfying the needs of the customers and members of the public in general (Baum, Frese, and Baron, 2014, p.45). They have the skills to manage and organize businesses so that they can work well to increase the incomes for the business. Therefore, they have the characteristics and values that are required for the success of a business. Steve Jobs a good example for an entrepreneur who showed great skills in developing a product that was needed on the market by the members of the society (Singh, 2015, p.125). He is the co-founder of Apple. He observed that the market needed more advanced technology that could assist in the communication (Crunchbase, 2018). They joined hands with Steve Wozniak in developing the entrepreneurial venture. Wozniak sacrificed to sell his scientific calculator so that they could get finances that could assist in the running of the business (Keller, 2017, p.634). On the other

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