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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name English 101 Date My Disappointing Failure One day, one of our teachers left us a homework assignment, and he insisted that the assignment that the work was to be done in time since it was critical. Besides, he said that it could create a one-time opportunity to us if we could do it well. When I went home, I quickly fell asleep after supper forgetting about the assignment. I woke up late and rushed to school only to realize that the first class was for the same teacher who had left us with the homework. It only took me twenty minutes in the classroom, and the teacher came to collect the assignment. Twelve of us had not done the assignment, and the teacher told the class that those who had done the assignment were going to accompany him on an academic trip to London. I had longed to visit the UK especially London in my life and the opportunity had slipped away from me. I was disappointed as the rest of class enjoyed the three-day trip with the teacher. I felt demotivated for in a way since it was my fault. The experience was the worst and a long-lasting experience to me. I came to realize that we need to take everything we are told by our elders and any person with the seriousness it deserves. The simple instructions and rules are what keep our lives going in an orderly manner. It can be applied to the scenario where one is prescribed by the doctor to take drugs in given proportion but ignores thus leading to health problems. I vowed to be very observant and respect any opinion and instructions that am given by other people. It has helped me to perform well in class as well as to be in good terms with my parents at home.

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