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Culture and its Influence to Succeed: Name of Student Name of Institution The author correctly introduces the two subjects in the first paragraph. The author names the “Only Daughter” and “Mother Tongue” by Sandra Cisnero and Amy Tan respectively, as the two essays to be discussed (Cisneros, 2001). The thesis outlines a comparison between both authors’ experiences as it discussed in the essay “Culture and its Influence to Succeed.” The essay is logically organized, with each paragraph introducing and explaining the experiences of the authors as immigrants in America. The experiences of Cisnero are discussed in the second paragraph, whereas the third paragraph describes the life of Tan as in “Mother Tongue.” It also explains Tan’s and Cisnero’s interaction with American literature, their parent's influence towards pursuing their passion and interests. The third paragraph compares Tan’s and Cisnero’s desire to experiences, while the last concluded on the similarities of their struggle with culture. The author organizes each sentence and paragraph flawlessly. Every paragraph is united and organized, whereby each explores the experience of Tan and Cisnero interaction with American literature. Examples include the last three sentences in the essay. None of these phrases are misplaced. The author mainly focuses on the thesis of the paper to prove his/her argument. The essay explains that Tan and Cisnero become successful in their American literature language, despite being from different cultures. The author shows Tan’s and Cisnero’s disappointments during their interaction with their academic instructor and parents respectively.

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