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Name Instructor Course Date English Literature Week 5 Discussion Characters refer to people who make positive/negative contributions in a person’s life by coming into one's heart and establishing themselves. The characters in my life comprise of my mother, siblings, and some high school and college friends. Accordingly, I have managed to have healthy relationships with the people named above marked by seldom quarrels, love, and openness. My mum has played an instrumental role since my birth and is always quick to correct me whenever I go wrong. In the same vein, my siblings have taught me the importance of creating healthy relationships with others such as my current friend at college. Real life characters include people who are always there to offer assistance when needed by praising and raising up the people their lives influence. In many instances, such individuals recognize that each person has his/her personality and autonomy. Therefore, real characters consider every individual who admires them as the main character in their lives leading to a sense of ensemble (Karson Psychology Today). Moreover, real characters frequently correct the people touched by their lives whenever they make mistakes. However, they do so while respecting such people’s autonomy and recognizing that each person can have his/her perceptions and agenda about life. Knowing a character has numerous benefits in an individual’s life. For instance, characters determine various aspects of people's lives including their happiness, choices they make, and character among others. Arguably, people who have positive people around them always make better decisions, have good morals and

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