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The world is always under transformation due to factors such globalization and the internet hence allowing people from all over to interact through written or spoken English. People have different views regarding how the English language should be handled hence the need to embrace Descriptivism or Prescriptivism depending on the principles governing communication in the ever evolving universe. A Descriptivist will aim at explaining the construction of sentences from words without having to look at the laws governing the English language. Therefore, Descriptivist’s opinions favor globalization since they do not condemn choice of words rather focuses on conveying the message. Descriptivist’s view further allow nations that use English as a second language to determine what words to use without tampering with the intended message. Prescriptivists, on the other hand, have set out guidelines defining how words should be written or pronounced as dictated by tradition. The main difference that exists between the Prescriptivism and Descriptivism is the objectives since the former define how words should be written and pronounced while the latter say that words should not follow a defined line of writing or pronunciation (Huddleston & Pullum, 2002). Does the choice of language have any impact on globalization? People have diverse views regarding speaking and writing the English language mostly when it comes to social status. The upper class will have differentiated views from the lower social class when it comes to principles guiding written or spoken English despite the fact that they all intend to pass the same message (Acocella, 2012). Therefore a battle ensues on

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