English Language Learning

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Specific and Measurable goals for facilitating English Language Learning Student Institution Date Specific and Measurable Goals for Facilitating English Language Learning Introduction Informal assessment tests are commonly applied for the assessment for English learners. Consequently, there are specific factors that the assessors forget to put in consideration so that they can obtain the correct test validity. It is because of this that the website about Assessment of English Language Learners (ELL) is keen in creating a standardized ground that can enable ELL to depict their actual skills, abilities and their continuing progress which are connected to their development on English proficiency. Consequently, the website has touched on the two popular methods that are used in the ELL evaluation as performance-based assessment and portfolio assessment. Moreover, the four points that have been discussed at the webcast include the need for phonemic awareness, the importance of phonics, Fluency, and vocabulary as important factors as far as ELL evaluation is concerned. Ways of Accessing and Addressing the Literacy needs of ELL or ESL Learners As a resolution to improve in the classroom by providing the best resolutions that regard the enhancement of ELL, then the various specific measures are very crucial: Grow ELL student’s English language production and peer collaboration The strategy works as a specific, measurable goal that enables the ELL students to demonstrate their abilities to speak English verbally. All the ELL requires to master the English language entail time and practice adequately. As a teacher, opportunities should be provided to enhance

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