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engineer of our company’s analytics and data intelligence for the eight years. The company has, therefore, lost one of its greatest staff, and it is with sorrow that we report of this untimely death. The memorial services will be at Las Vegas, Chapel of the Bells. The employees who would like to attend the memorial but are scheduled to report to work for their respective duties are advised to speak to their direct supervisors. Requests for attendance will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis for time offs. Those who would like to attend the services prior to the actual memorial and burial are encouraged to contact Chapel of Bells, Las Vegas for further arrangements. Mr. Harold’s family...

engineering. The trend in automation, a core purpose of a test engineer, has been to write multiple functions for each component. The number of functions compound very quickly making it difficult to maintain them. These are unique to a component and have limited use, and there is a need to modify and revalidate them every time there is a slight change in the feature. Not only is this a mundane task for an engineer but it also locks up critical resources. I decided to adopt a more intelligent approach, which defied the tested method. My approach consisted of writing a limited number of functions that would achieve the objective of several individual roles depending on the parameters passed. While my...

engineer Vice President at DE Shaw that is based in New York, the firm focuses on international investment and technological advancement. - Evaluating the work of executive leaders - Contributing to achieving the firm’s overall goals and achieving the company’s sales and profitability - Perform other duties assigned by the President - Oversee company’s complete operation by the company’s strategic plan - Developing roles and assigning responsibilities to other employees - Act on behalf of the company president when the president is absent Worked at Fitel, Bankers Trust Achievements 2013 – Acquired the Washington Post, an American Daily newspaper 2007 –...

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